It is a no brainer and quite logical if we state that adults learn differently than youngsters. Adult learners can be engaged in a course only where they are active participants and are allowed to explore the subject on their own. An outstanding and amazing learning experience is of utmost importance for them and creating such an experience is the biggest challenge for course creators.

Here is an eBook that team Raptivity has developed after months of research and study; it will make you traverse the entire ‘Adult Learning’ path. This eBook shares all considerations for designing an eLearning course for adult learners and also talks about enriching their learning experience with interactivity and interactions. It is surely going to be a handy tool for instructional designers, course writers, and course developers.

This is what the eBook covers:

  • How do adults learn?
  • Important points to consider while designing an eLearning course for adults
  • Levels of interactivity and how they can be harnessed for adult learning
  • Examples of interactions for each level of interactivity along with the instructional usage of each