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Parking lot

New Learning Activities in Raptivity for Virtual Classroom

COVID- 19 has disrupted the entire learning ecosystem. Teachers, professors, and trainers across the globe have had to resort to virtual teaching, in a short ...
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game based learning

Make Online Classrooms Fun with Game-Based Learning

Game-based learning has witnessed tremendous growth and adoption in the past few years and continues to be recognized as one of the most important elements ...
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create engaging presentations

6 Tips to Create Engaging Presentations for Your Online Classrooms

Educators and trainers are always striving to create slideshows that can excite, engage, and educate their learners. This is of paramount importance, especially today when ...
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Raptivity 2020 launched

Raptivity Unveils Raptivity 2020 – A New Age Tool to Build Learning Interactions

As the first-ever interactivity building tool that was launched over a decade ago, Raptivity made its mark on the lives of many learning professionals. Through ...
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