Enabling Instructional Designers – Using Raptivity for Content Visualization

Effective content visualization is one of the key elements of instructional design. It plays a key role in engaging learners. On the development side, it lets instructional designers (IDs) present complex topics in formats that are appealing to the eye, and helpful enough to retain knowledge. IDs have various options to present content – diagrams, charts, graphs, illustrations, drawings, photographs, etc, but deciding on what to use and how exactly to use it, can be tricky. Raptivity can serve as a great aid at such times. It can help IDs visualize content and decide on the graphic treatment during storyboarding. Let me explain it using two scenarios:

Scenario 1
Raptivity interactions are classified into various categories such as scenario based learning, games, presentation aids, quizzes, etc. Now, if while storyboarding, an ID wants to design/present a particular content chunk as a diagram, s/he can refer to the interactions under ‘Interactive Diagrams’ category of Raptivity to see different types of diagrams. Depending on the requirement, the ID can choose which diagram type works the best and accordingly the graphic/multi-media treatment for the content in the storyboard can be decided. The same concept can be used to look for design options in various other categories too.

Scenario 2
Raptivity has a unique search functionality, where you can type in any search word in the search box and related interactions are displayed. For instance, an instructional designer can type the word “classification and all interactions that present classification exercises in different ways are displayed. The instructional designer can look at all options and accordingly then choose and describe the graphic for the exercise in the storyboard.

Thus, Raptivity can help instructional designers to visualize content and decide on the graphic treatment, irrespective of whether it will be actually used to develop the course or not. Interesting! Isn’t it?

Have you ever used Raptivity in this way? Share your comments below.

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