Five Essentials of Stellar Learning Quizzes

Do your courses need to include a quiz or a practice activity? Is it fine to build courses that don’t include tests or quizzes? Well, as an educator the choice is totally yours, but providing learners an opportunity to fail at guessing can actually improve learning quality. While, if your learners know the stuff already, quizzes can be a great mechanism to provide them credit for the same.  If you believe that quizzes can do your learners some good, read on. I am going to talk about the essentials of effective learning quizzes.
Good quizzes have the following in common: 

1. They are made of relevant, clearly written, and easily understandable questions.

The quiz questions need to align well with the course objectives. They should focus on the recall of only the material covered in your course.
Additionally, the questions need to be concise; you should omit any unnecessary information that needs learners to spend their time understanding the question correctly. The idea is not to trick the learners, but assess their knowledge.
You could either draft questions manually, or take help of a tool like Quillionz question generator to automatically generate questions from your content using Artificial Intelligence technology.

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