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    Robart mxclag

    I am trying to use 360 image interaction from Raptivity 2020. What are the ideal image dimensions for that?


    Below are the Specification for 360° images:-
    • Viewers will be able to look in any direction, side to side or up and down!
    • Left side of image must match with the right side of image so the viewer can enjoy a fully immersive experience of looking all around without any visible seams
    • The height of image must be smaller than the width
    • 360° images can be stored as png, jpeg, or gif. We recommend you use jpeg for improved compression.
    • Landscape looks great max resolution: 10000 X 5000
    • 6000 x 3000 or less – pretty much all the images look somewhat smudged/blurry.
    • Width at least 6000 pixels (exceptions are sometimes granted for good quality panoramas that are smaller)

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