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    ‘Raptivity PowerPoint Add-In’ can be used easily to insert Raptivity interactions (Flash output) in PowerPoint.

    Download details.

    Username: elicitus4@elicitus.com
    Password: Elicitus113 (case sensitive)

    Clickhere to download the PowerPoint Plug-in

    Installation Instructions:

    1. Download and extract the Plug-In
    2. Please install Plug-In with Full Administrative Rights.
    3. After successful installation, you can use the Add-In in PowerPoint. It will be available as one of the tabs in the PowerPoint toolbar ribbon.

    How to use:

    Before you begin, ensure that the interaction is published as single flash file output.

    1. Open the PowerPoint presentation and go to the slide in which you want to add the interaction.
    2. Select the Add-Ins tab from the PowerPoint toolbar ribbon.
    3. Raptivity PowerPoint Add-In will be displayed with four options: Insert Interaction, Package (With Video), Help and About. Click on Insert Interaction.
    4. Once you click on Insert Interaction, a browse window will open up. Select the Raptivity published output file (Flash) from the saved interaction folder on your machine and click on Open. The interaction is now inserted in your presentation.

    5. In case your interaction has a video to be played, you need to copy the video present in the interaction to the Microsoft Office folder (The exact location would be displayed as a prompt when you insert a Raptivity interaction with video in PowerPoint.)
    6. If you would like to send this PPT which includes interactions with videos, you can create a package of the same at your desired location by selecting the Package (With Video) option in the Add-In.

    Raptivity Support

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