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    I just created a basic classification exercise that I tried to upload Blackboard. Although it uploads I can not get it to run in Blackboard. Does anyone have experience incorporating Raptivity directly into Blackboard?

    Raptivity Support

    Hello User ,

    Raptivity can be easily integrated with BlackBoard LMS.

    Please find the below steps:

    1.Publish the Raptivity interaction model with SCORM 1.2 tracking. (Classification Exercise in your case)
    2.Open the SCORM1.2_Published folder
    3.Select all the files together and zip them.
    4.Login to BlackBoard LMS using a teacher/administrator login.
    5.Create a new course or use any of the exiting courses
    6.Create a new module page
    7.From the right side window, select the ‘Build Content’ tab and click on ‘Content Package(SCORM)’
    8.For SCORM information, browse through the zip file that you had created. Add it and click on ‘Submit’
    9.Add the required information for grading, SCORM availability, etc and Click on ‘Submit’.
    10.As soon as learners would experience the course, grades can be checked from the ‘Grade Center’ using the teacher/administrator login.

    Try the above steps and let us know if you have any issues.

    You can also drop and email to “ support@raptivity.com” if there are any more blockers for you to use Raptivity, we are happy to help you out and want to make your Raptivity experience wonderful.

    Raptivity Support Team

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