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    After publishing the Raptivity interaction you could used it as a independent micro-learning object or it can be integrated with LMS and major authoring tools like Articulate Storyline, Rise, etc.

    To integrate the HTML5 output of Raptivity with Articulate Storyline from the hard drives, Please follow the below steps:
    1. Publish the Raptivity interactivity with HTML5 publishing option.
    2. Select the slide of Articulate Storyline in which you would like to add the HTML5 output
    3. Click on tab ‘Insert’ and then select the ‘Web Object’ under Media.
    4. Click on the browse button and select the HTML5 published folder of the Raptivity interactivity.
    5. Click ‘OK’ & publish the course.

    Please follow below steps to integrate Raptivity’s single flash file output with Articulate Storyline:
    1. Create a new project in Articulate Storyline.
    2. Insert a slide by clicking on “New Slide” in the “Insert” tab.
    3. Click on “Flash” under “Media” section of “Insert” tab to insert the .swf file generated using Raptivity.
    4. The dialog box for selection of swf file will open up. Locate the Raptivity generated .swf file. It is normally stored
    under “SFO_Publish” folder in the “Publish” folder of the interaction model.
    5. Click on open.
    6. Storyline will insert the selected flash file into slide.
    7. You can preview the project with Raptivity output integrated into it.
    8. Publish the project in any of the following options: Web/LMS/Articulate online/CD/Word by including/excluding HTML5 by
    clicking on Publish from the menu.

    Below are the steps for flash integration with iSpring Presenter.
    1. Publish the Raptivity interactivity as Single Flash File (.swf).
    2. Open Microsoft PowerPoint®
    3. Click on the iSpring Presenter tab from the menu bar.
    4. Click on the icon ‘Flash’.
    5. Select the Raptivity output file & click ‘Open’.
    6. After adding the file(s) click on ‘Publish’.
    7. Under ‘General’ tab select the Local Folder where you want to save the published files.
    8. Click on the tab ‘Playback & Navigation’ and uncheck the box for ‘Advance animations on
    mouse click’ present under the section ‘Mouse and Keyboard Navigation’.
    9. Click on the tab ‘Advanced’ and select the option ‘Flash movies’ present under the section
    ‘Detach Media Content’.
    10. Click on ‘Publish’.

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    Raptivity 2020 is a cloud based (online) application. So for running Raptivity 2020 below are minimum system specifications:

    1. Fair/high speed internet service
    2. Latest browsers- Chrome ,Firefox, Edge and Safari.

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    To add more questions in the Happy meter please follow below steps:

    1. Open Happy meter interaction for customization.

    2. Click on copy icon which is at the bottom right corner of the slide. This will add one more slide below the parent slide.

    Note: You can add maximum 10 question slides in the Happy meter interaction.”

    in reply to: Quiz template #2328

    To add more answer options, please follow the below steps:
    1. Select the Question slide
    2. Click on “Add answer option”
    3. Click on options to edit.

    NOTE: you can add maximum 5 options only

    Feel free to get in touch with us if you need any help.

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    You can find 360-degree images on various image stock sites such as, adobe stock, shutterstock and more. Also, today’s mobile phones have a 360 image shot feature which can be used.

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