New Learning Activities in Raptivity for Virtual Classroom

COVID- 19 has disrupted the entire learning ecosystem. Teachers, professors, and trainers across the globe have had to resort to virtual teaching, in a short period of time. A lot of these people taught online, perhaps for the first time in their lives and were daunted with the whole setup. On top of that, they also had to look for ways to engage learners effectively, which generally is a challenge with any kind of virtual learning setup.

To address this challenge, a few months back, team Raptivity launched Raptivity for Virtual Classroom. With various learning activities like fun games, quick quizzes, and cool displays, Raptivity for virtual classroom is great to hook learners to your online sessions. It increases the level of interactivity and in turn, improves engagement.

Raptivity for Virtual Classroom had become an instant hit with many teachers after it was launched. There were 7 interactive activities offered with a promise to add more. Keeping up on our promise, we have recently added 3 brand-new learning activities to Raptivity for Virtual Classroom. These were launched last week, based on intensive market need analysis done by our team.

Here are some highlights about these activities.

  1. Question Roulette

It is a game-based activity which is inspired from the concept of a casino roulette. The overall idea is up the fun quotient in a virtual classroom setup and have learners participate actively. Teachers can use this activity for a quick knowledge check with the students or a recap.


They need to have some questions that they want learners to answer. The roulette comes with different categories that a teacher can label as per their choice (as student groups, or individual students). Once the question comes on screen and the teacher presses the ‘Hit’ button, the roulette pointer stops on a random category and learners in that category need to answer the question. All the learners are excited and equally attentive as they anticipate what question comes next and who will get to answer it.

  1. Parking Lot

Parking lot falls in the category of cool displays. It is a unique activity aimed at conducting a virtual discussion. Generally, in online meeting tools used for conducting virtual classes, there is no easy way for a teacher to segregate questions from generic chat and comments that go on during the session. At times, it also becomes hard for the teacher to focus on their presentation content when the session is being continually disrupted by questions. Parking lot is aimed at solving this challenge.

parking lot

It enables a teacher to seek questions from students on the topic being taught, via a separate link that is generated through this activity. All questions are parked (in the form of cars) until the teacher decides to bring them up at a logical point in the session and answer them. And then, either the teacher herself can answer the questions or ask someone in the class to answer the question. This activity also lets you identify similar questions through its in-built AI logic and answer them all together. Once the teacher answers any question, that car drives out of the parking lot. Fun, Isn’t it?

  1. Flip Cards

Flip cards are a great activity to pose formative assessments. They can be used for revision of course material or a quick knowledge check. They can also be a great aid if a teacher wants to setup a rapid fire in the online class.

Flip Cards

A teacher can use flip cards to turn an otherwise boring ‘Question and Answer’ session into something fun. Make use of vibrant colors, lively images and bring it all alive. Flip cards can also be a great aid for cold calling. Pull up a flip card with a question on screen and call on a specific student to answer it regardless of whether they have raised their hands to answer it or not. A good way to engage everyone.

Have you used these new Raptivity for Virtual Classroom activities? How was your experience? We would be eager to know your feedback. Share through comments below or reach out to us at

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