Raptivity and Quillionz – The New Way to Build Interactive Quizzes

Raptivity has always been at the forefront of innovation. With its unique and useful interactivity building solutions, it has been the tool of choice for many educators and instructional designers. As a product, Raptivity has always focused on interactivity building and left content ownership to instructional designers and SMEs. But now, we are contemplating if we should unify these two activities and make the whole eLearning creation process smoother than earlier for our users.
Raptivity is envisaging a new vision for the brand through its unification with the world’s first AI powered platform for creating questions – Quillionz. With Quillionz, users would be able to automatically create questions through a flowing, descriptive, and informative content set, which could then easily be plugged into Raptivity, and presented as interactive nuggets. Consider, for example, an educator has a raw content set around Plate Tectonics. S(he) can just feed this content to Quillionz and question ideas set in multiple formats will be automatically produced. A course creator can then edit, improve, or delete these questions to make them Raptivity ready. This set can then be presented using any of Raptivity’s interactive quiz templates like multiple choice questions, fill-in-the blanks, true or false questions, flash cards, or any other relevant template.

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