Raptivity Prep Sheets – A More Convenient Way to Build Interactions

Do you develop your Raptivity learning objects in a team? Or, are you an individual contributor who develops a lot of content and then uses it in Raptivity?  In the former scenario, you might have a subject matter expert in place to develop the content; there could be an editor to proofread it; an artist dedicated to designing graphics; and a course creator or a developer who is actually responsible for putting it all together in Raptivity. With so many people involved, the process to create even a simple learning module could consume a lot of time.
Whereas in the latter, since the onus of everything is on you, you could be struggling to maintain your content repository in a way that is easier to understand and decipher. There might even be situations when you have to seek course content from your customers,or subject matter experts.

Keeping both the above scenarios and the challenges associated with them in mind, Raptivity has decided to launch interaction specific prep sheets to make their product usage easier. These prep sheets will outline all parameters available in specific interaction templates, along with providing placeholders for listing your content. These would be available as ‘free-to-download and use’ word files. You can use them to capture course content from various stakeholders, or to organize your content better.

There are several evident benefits of these prep sheets:

  • Even if your team members/external stakeholders are not acquainted with the Raptivity interface, they can still visualize the interaction outline through these prep sheets, and can share the course content accordingly.
  • These prep sheets will simplify your content organization process.
  • If your team needs to create course content in multiple languages, you could directly translate the interaction prep sheet content. This is surely one hassle-free way to create courses in multiple languages.

We will kick off  this idea today by sharing prep sheets for three popular Raptivity interactions:

Flash Cards

When there is a need to reinforce core concepts, facts, or vocabulary, use Flash cards. You could effectively use it as a presentation aid or even a quick quiz. Questions/Cues can appear on one side of the Flash cards and corresponding information or answers can appear on the flip side. You could download the Flash Cards prep sheet here.


If you wish to reproduce the experience of reading and flipping pages, use the eBook interaction. This interaction, with its flipping effect, and the use of images and videos, makes the whole experience of reading very interesting and close to real life. Download the eBook prep sheet here.


If you intend to present something in the form of a screen by screen module, use the Lesson interaction. It allows you to describe the different elements on screen using onscreen text, images and voice over. You could even use it to create guided tours of several application screens. Click here to download the Lesson prep sheet.

Lets us know if you found these prep sheets useful, so that we can build even more. You could drop a note to us at info@raptivity.com, or share your feedback through comments below.

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