Raptivity: The Tool to Build the Best Online Learning Experience

  • Visually stunning interactions


    Create content using modern-day, attractive templates. Make it easy for the learner to grasp the text with an entire library of interaction templates.

    Pro tip: This helps the learners process the information faster and aids in knowledge retention.


  • Responsive interactions


    Design mobile-friendly content that looks as good on any device. Let the learner opt for any device – your content will automatically adapt to an appropriate format.

    Pro tip: This is good for promoting anytime, anywhere learning.


  • Engaging micro-learning experiences


    Allow learners to experience bite-sized learning. Use visually captivating templates to create infographics and short pieces of content that’ll stay with the learners far easily.

    Pro tip: Microlearning can be achieved with any of your preferred authoring tool.


  • Rapid customization


    Meet specific training needs with intuitive and user-friendly interfaces. These easily customizable interactions can be created just by anyone – an expert as well as a novice.

    Pro tip: This feature helps deliver learner-centric courses and maximizes the content effectiveness.


  • SCORM and xAPI compliance


    Publish your content on any platform – seamlessly between any LMS. Track your learners’ performance and goals and ensure the content delivers what it promises.

    Pro tip: This ensures your content is technically compliant.


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