Raptivity Unveils Raptivity 2020 – A New Age Tool to Build Learning Interactions

As the first-ever interactivity building tool that was launched over a decade ago, Raptivity made its mark on the lives of many learning professionals. Through these years, the love for Raptivity has only grown higher, amongst its user community. Raptivity has always kept up with technology and industry trends. Raptivity 2020 is yet another proof of this practice, given the rising need for highly visual learning experiences, amongst modern-day learners.

What’s unique about Raptivity 2020?

Raptivity 2020 is the world’s first tool for building visually stimulating learning interactions. It brings in some never seen before, vibrant, and sleek interactions at users’ fingertips. Its growing library of interactions is truly responsive, xAPI compliant, and perfectly suited to build enthralling micro-learning experiences.

Raptivity 2020 highlights

  • Packed with highly customizable modern-design style interaction templates
  • Zero programming required
  • Equipped to publish interactions in HTML5
  • Truly responsive interactions preconfigured for various devices and layouts
  • Enabled with SCORM and xAPI tracking capabilities

Raptivity 2020 fulfils an important unmet need in eLearning creation, the need for highly visual and stimulating eLearning experiences, that can be created without any programming. With these ready-to-use interactions, trainers and educators will be able to completely focus on content and storyboarding; they can leave the rest to Raptivity.

To sign up for a free trial for Raptivity 2020, click here. To know more about Raptivity 2020 or to schedule a demo, write to info@raptivity.com.

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