Six PowerPoint Add-Ins to Help Educators Create Sleek Slideshows

As an educator, don’t you strive to create slideshows that can excite, engage, and educate your students in one go? But how many times has it happened that you built a presentation and thought that it needed to be improved?

Creating bewitching presentations is an art. You either need to be a creative geek to craft one or possess the right tools to do so. I have a list of some cool PowerPoint add-ins that could help you create extraordinary presentations. Here you go:

PowerPoint Labs

PowerPoint Labs is a wonderful add-in that is aimed at helping users with creating better effects and animations in their slides. It is specifically great for educators or professors, with its neat transitions and zooming effects. You could use it to light up specific objects using spotlight, highlight bullet points, slide segments or backgrounds, crop out part of an image without using an image editor, and drill down to important details using the magnifying effect.

With its nifty features to spruce up presentations, PowerPoint Labs is a must-have in your add-ins library. As on today, this add-in is free and works with PowerPoint version 2010 and above. You can download it here.


If you are not pleased with the limited selection of default graphics PowerPoint has to offer, then you are going to love ShapeChef – a graphic and chart library add-in. ShapeChef offers high-quality PowerPoint graphics, charts, and icons for your presentations. You can make use of ShapeChef’s instant search feature to find the graphics you’re looking for. It even lets you save and categorize your own creations. This add-in integrates a library pane into the PowerPoint window, which allows you to download their graphic collections and organize your assets.

ShapeChef’s trial version comes with a limited number of shapes and can be downloaded here. To access the entire shapes’ library, you may check out their full version pricing here.


Are you forever on the lookout for relevant images to add to your presentations? Well, there is definitely something amiss if you are not.  But if you are on the right track, then you need to check out Pexels. It is one of our favorite image libraries for completely free stock photos. All photos are tagged, searchable and also easy to discover through their discover pages. This add-in is a huge time-saver for anyone searching for and adding images to their decks. You don’t even need to open up a web browser, simply open the add-in within PowerPoint after you are done installing, find your image and click on it.

It is a free add-in available on the OfficeStore, you may download it here.


PPT2HTML5 converts your PowerPoint content to HTML5 with the guarantee to maintain the quality of animations, transitions and other special effects connected with the original PowerPoint presentation. You can then use your online presentation on iPad, iPhone and other devices. Good tool when you need to host your PowerPoints as online modules for your students to access!

HTML5Point runs on any PowerPoint version for Windows later than 2002. You could take a free trial here, or buy the paid version.


If you are looking at creating interactive presentations, Raptivity could be the right choice. Raptivity’s 190+ customizable interaction templates can infuse life into your otherwise dull and static PowerPoints. You could present your slides in the form of a flipbook, a game, an explorative scenario, a timeline, or even as a quiz.  Raptivity is essentially a desktop based interactivity building tool but it comes with a PowerPoint add-in to enable insertion of interactions into slide decks.

You could start a fully functional trial of Raptivity here, and choose to pay up later.


Opazity builds on the power of curiosity to catch, hold and maintain your audience’s attention. It provides a tool to blur part of your slide in slide show mode. You can use it to put the focus on what you are talking about, blur out or reveal backgrounds, make foregrounds stand out, or hide answers to a quiz.

Opazity works for any version of PowerPoint for Windows from PowerPoint 2000 onwards. You could purchase it here.

Alone or together, the above add-ins provide a great way to create extraordinary PowerPoints that catch eyeballs, engage learners, and educate them simultaneously. PowerPoint is quite capable but combining it with such tools takes it a notch higher. We shall be glad to hear about your thoughts and experience with any of these tools. You could leave a comment below.

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